How to Withdraw Money From ATM

For first-timers, withdrawing cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) can be challenging. I recall the first time I was to withdraw money from the ATM for my mother, I was too timid to approach the queue to the machine. I just stood there waiting for the line to get exhausted so only I could go to the machine wihout making a fool out of myself in front of strangers, but as the line reduced, it unfortunately gets refilled with new persons. Later, I had a security man help me with the process.

And few years past, I’ve found myself teaching a number of persons in the line how to withdraw as well as perform other ATM supported transactions.

To withdraw from ATM, simply follow the steps below:

==> Insert your ATM card into the ATM receiver. Wait for the machine to read your card. You will be prompted to enter your pin.

==> Type you correct 4-digits PIN using the numbered keyboard and click on the button next to Proceed. If your password is correct, a prompt will be displayed on the screen asking you for what action you want to perform.

==> Click on the button next to Withdraw.

You will be then be prompted to select your account type, be it:

  • Savings
  • Current
  • Credit
  • ==> Click on the button next to your account type.

    am withdrawal: select savings

    ==> Another prompt will be displayed asking you the amount you wish to withdraw giving you a few suggested amounts. Simply click on the button next to the amount you wish to withdraw. If the amount you want to withdraw is not among the suggested amount on the screen, click on the button next to “other”. A new display will load prompting you to enter the amount you want to withdraw.

    ==> Type in the amount and click on the proceed button.

    ==> After entering the amount you want to withdraw, wait for the ATM to dispense your cash. Then, take your money.

    ==> After collecting your money, the ATM will ask you if you wish to perform another transaction. Select “yes” if you wish to, or select “No” if you don’t wish to and your ATM debit card will be ejected for you to take out.

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