What To Do When An ATM Seizes Your Card

 What To Do When An ATM Seizes Your Card

Sometimes a person could get unfortunate to have their ATM card seized by the machine when trying to make a transaction. This could be as a result of:

  • Entering of the wrong PIN
  • Damaged card slot
  • Technical problem with the ATM
  • Suspicious activity with card etc.

How to Get your ATM Card Back?

Well should ever you find yourself in such a ugly and frustrating situation, and need to recover the card, do not attempt to use frustrating and relentless physical approaches on the machine in a bid to recover the card. Some people will start physically abusing the ATM, punching buttons, pry their hands through the card hole in a bid to reach for their card, kick and hit the machine, etc. But none of these will get you your card back.

Rather, all you need do is go into that bank immediately and report the issue to the customer care personnels or ask a security official in case you have no idea where to locate the costumer care. With that done, the bank will see to it that your ATM card is recovered from the machine and given back to you.

Furthermore, if your ATM got seized on a non-working day (weekends), you won’t be able to lay a complain to the bank immediately. So you will have wait till the next working day.

If you don’t go to the bank to lay a complain, the bank is expected to retrieve your ATM card from the machine, check the owner’s details from the card, get your contact and give you a phone call directing you on how to get back your card.

However in some cases for security reasons, before the bank will hand over your card, you may be requested to provide a proof of ownership first, e.g, your id card, voter’s card or driver’s license bearing the same name as the one on the ATM card.

And voila! Your card will be returned to you without being charged for doing so.

But in worse case scenario, that card may be as good as gone if it gets trapped in another bank’s ATM and you are unable to retrieve it from the bank immediately that same day. This is because some banks would rather have that card destroyed.

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