What To Do When ATM Didn’t Dispense Cash But You Got Debited?

 What To Do When ATM Didn't Dispense Cash But You Got Debited?

This is one common thing that happens to almost everyone that uses an ATM debit card for withdrawal. You slot in your card, initiate the withdrawal process and wait for your cash to be dispensed, but it doesn’t. Yet you receive a bank alert few minutes later informing you that your account have been debited with said amount.

This ATM malfunction normally occur when the network is bizarre. And it can be very unexpected and most likely painful the moment it occurs. I recall on a Friday or Saturday about 2-3 years back when I was totally out of cash at hand. I’d rushed to the bank hoping to withdraw some cash but the ATM didn’t dispense my withdrawal. Yet my account was debited. What followed after wasn’t a pleasant weekend.

So What Should You Do If ATM Debit Your Withdrawal Without Dispensing Cash?

==> There is usually no cause for alarm if your account get debited when the ATM didn’t dispense your withdrawal. All you need do is wait for some time and your account will be credited back with the initially debited amount within 24 hours.

==> But if after 24 hours, your money hasn’t been refunded, then there is need to worry a little. This kind of scenario occurs mostly when you use your debit card on another banks ATM. For example, You use a Eco Bank debit card on a Zenith bank ATM.

==> So you may need to put a call across both banks customer care or better yet visit any of their branches (especially the branch whose ATM debited your account) to lay a complain and they will look into it and probably refund the amount.

==> The placement of CCTV cameras at ATMs can also serve to prove that no cash was dispensed by the machine just in case the bank(s) claims it did.

This is why it’s advisable to rather use ones banking bank ATMs for withdrawal despite the distance. And should there be need to use another bank’s ATM, you should start with the lowest denomination the ATM can dispense. E.g. N500 or N1,000. That way, should the ATM fail to dispense while your account is wrongly deducted, the loss will be minimal. But if it pays, then you can carry on and withdraw whatever amount you wishes.

I hope this post was helpful.

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